Our Vision
As a member of the African Pioneer Group, Pioneer Slots strives to be the leader in the Limited Payout Machine arena in the Eastern Cape, continually promoting and practising responsible gambling.

Our Mission

Pioneer Slots is driven by the groups’ philosophy to promote, develop, and unite entrepreneurship through joint business ventures; mentoring, teaching, and creating opportunities for its members and the wider community anywhere in South Africa; utilise its resources and market position to advance the cause of a better quality of life for all people through economic advancement and empowerment.

86.6% of the company’s equity is held and controlled by black empowerment shareholders;

80% of this shareholding is Eastern Cape based;

86% of this shareholding is held by African Pioneer Group (“APG”), a leading Eastern Cape based black enterprise;

At least 27% of the equity interest in Pioneer Slots is shared by black females;

Job creation is critical in the Eastern Cape and represents one of the key reasons that Pioneer Slots believes it important that a local gaming competence be created as a result of this route opportunity. Pioneer Slots will have a permanent staff complement of 36 full-time employees, of which 78% are defined as belonging to PDI groupings and further to this, at least 70% of the management posts shall be occupied by PDI’s. This also represents a very small part of the total job creating potential that will occur as the route is rolled out in the province.

Another major strength is the training and skills transfer benefits flowing from the roll out of Pioneer Slots’ knowledge management programme. It has also committed to spend up to 3% of its total payroll cost on training and skills transfer.

Pioneer Slots takes its responsibilities to the greater environment within which it operates very seriously. Transformation and social investment are close to the heart of Pioneer Slots’ key stakeholders, and especially APG, which has already demonstrated an excellent track record with taking on and seeing through key social projects. Community investment is something the company does because it wants to and not because it has to and it is for this reason that the Pioneer Slots shareholders have committed to spending 15% more than the minimum requirement in terms of the bid with 1,15% of gross gaming revenue earmarked for community projects.