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23, August 2017

Illegal Gambling...Is it on the rise?


llegal Venues, illegal Machines, access to gambling via Cellphones and Internet and Underage Gamblers all contribute to the increase of illegal gambling in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board, ECGBB, are continually taking steps to eliminate all forms of illegal gambling.

One of the ECGBB’s tactics to help reveal unlicensed Sites, is to publish a list of allLegal Gambling Sites in local, district and metro municipalities throughout the Eastern Cape.

In recent raids on unlicensed illegal Sites throughout the province, the East London ECGBB office in Beacon Bay had an extremely successful campaign, where they rounded up nearly 75 varying illegal units.

The ongoing struggle to reduce the surge of illegal gambling in the Eastern Cape, in fact throughout the country, continues.  Already there are positive signs, as regulations are in place to protect the gambler from becoming addicted and ensuring they practice legal gambling.

Pioneer Slots promotes legal gambling…throughout the province – it’s critical to their survival.

Illegal Gambling can be curbed and addiction prevented.