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Pioneer Slots

Pioneer Slots is a supplier of Limited Payout Machines (LPM) in the Eastern Cape South Africa and sees themselves as a pioneer in the gambling industry in the province. Pioneer Slots mission is to create a gaming hub of excellence through the supply of outstanding technology to small site owners that will increase their businesses profitability by providing customers with access to on site LPM and gaming machines with a full service support structure

Pioneer Slots has a licensed gambling presence in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and work closely with the gambling boards in accordance with the gambling laws. Pioneer Slots believes in assisting you with providing your clientele the best gaming experience possible in your establishment through the supply and maintenance of the latest LPM, slot machines and gambling machines to your business, be they pubs, bars, clubs, hotels, taverns, bookmakers and adult entertainment locations.

Pioneer Slots is an Eastern Cape based Black Empowerment company that brings to the province a requisite mix of resources, skills, experience, expertise and through this the project’s success has created additional economic and job creation opportunities.