African Pioneer Foundation


About us

Under the banner of the African Pioneer Foundation Trust, the African Pioneer Group continues to identify and support the needy in various communities throughout the Eastern Cape with its CSI Programme.

The Corporate Social Responsibility specialised programmes introduced by the African Pioneer Group are numerous, covering a wide spectrum of activities, from business projects, education, agriculture, sport etc.

The African Pioneer Foundation Trust’s long-term objectives are to develop a platform for the vulnerable and underprivileged communities throughout the province. The ultimate goal is to create lasting partnerships, strengthen relationships for the future – from the youth to senior citizens in all walks of life.

The main strategy, in all cases, is to ensure sustainability and self-reliance in all the community projects introduced by the Foundation Trust.

The Trust’s policy is to monitor the beneficiaries through Site visits, obtaining supporting Documents of organizations and projects constitutions, proof of Registration like NPO, CBO, NGO etc. Profiles and quarterly reports, the latter also being requested.

    CSI Princilpes

  • Community Development Initiatives & Ownership
  • Sustainable Community Projects
  • Consideration of Impoverished Wards
  • Flagship CSI Projects & Future Business Enterprise
  • Accountability & Reporting of Progress by Beneficiaries & Recipients
  • Exit & Reflection & Acknowledging Best Sustainable Community CSI Project
  • Sharing CSI Ideas and Knowledge

Current Projects



Rainbow Educare in Walmer location children are happy with the contribution done by Teach Me Series teacher training. The facilitator has extended the training and has added English as part of improving the language. This will help the teachers to be confident and apply the programme well as it is in English.

Health and Wellness: SONWABISE HEALTH

The project is working hard making sure that the hungry children and bedridden elderly are fed. They have a few of elders who are taking medication that they also offer food to when there is enough food left. The project is offering good care of the children and the bedridden elderly through it’s health care worker services and a soup kitchen.

Enterprise development: Vuka Ngoku Primary Co-Op (UITENHAGE)

The project is under management. There are accreditations and grading that are needed in order to secure market. It is still going slow.